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first international conference on quality of and ICT use in Grundtvig courses was organised in Izmir, Turkey, 27 - 31 October 2010.

A second international conference on Validation of Learning Outcomes will be organised in Thessaloniki, Greece, 07 – 11 December 2011.

A third conference on Grundtvig Course Provision will be held in Belgium, September 2012.

Each conference experienced and new Grundtvig course organisers will meet. Through key note speakers, workshops and examples of good practice participants will share and learn about the conference topics.

More information on these conferences on this site and in the Grundtvig Training Database: Participants can apply for a grant (travel and accommodation costs covered, participation for free) under the action 'Visits and exchanges' of the Grundtvig programme. Please visit the website of your National LLP/Grundtvig Agency for grant application forms and application procedures (different deadlines applied in different countries).

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