Appropriate use if ICT – further reading

The role of ICT in Grundtvig courses

From GINCO project

ICT didactics in Grundtvig courses

From GINCO project

ISTUS Blog on Social Networks

Project blog ISTUS – Institutional Strategies Targeting the Uptake of Social Networking in Adult Education, where the project partners publish their findings how social networks can and should be used in Adult Education

Horizon Report

The NMC Horizon Report is an unbiased source of information that helps education leaders, trustees, policy makers, and others easily understand the impact of key emerging technologies on education, and when they are likely to enter mainstream use.

ICTeacher Training Manual

The ICTeacher training programme has been developed to give teachers a chance to strengthen their basic ICT competences and gain the ability to apply to their existing teaching methods, state of the art pedagogical approaches, resources and tools including Web 2.0. ICTeacher is a comprehensive blended learning programme for all teachers, no matter the type of school or subject they are teaching.


This complete version of the ADL Mobile Learning Handbook is under continual development by ADL. There is also a mobile version for demonstration purposes only and to showcase cross-platform interoperability using mobile web standards.
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