Ginco T&T results
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The main products of the GINCO T&T project is a modular Grundtvig course for Grundtvig course organisers: “How to organise high quality Grundtvig courses”. Modules of the course will be tested at national Grundtvig IST awareness days and the Grundtvig course will be piloted two times during the project’s lifetime. The second pilot course will be validated in the database of Grundtvig IST-courses which will allow participants from all LLP countries to participate.

Relevant materials will be collected, made available on the GINCO website and published in a manual.

A manual, including validation tools and other materials and a modular training course for (potential) Grundtvig course providers will contribute to the professionalization of staff in adult education, it will improve the quality of course content and delivery, it will raise the awareness of the LLP policy.


5 national awareness raising days
2 pilot courses
1 international conference
Tools collection and adaptation
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