Grundtvig International Network of Course Organisers

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Professional development of all staff in adult education is seen to be a decisive factor in the quality of adult education. The European Grundtvig programme supports international mobility activities for in-service training for adult educators and the development of international training courses. These actions are set up in support to improving access to a rich and varied offer of adult education training with a European scope.

Grundtvig international course offer and mobility grant system

International courses are provided Europe wide by European partnerships in a Grundtvig project/network context or by individual adult education organisations. Adult education staff can apply for a Grundtvig grant to attend one of these courses abroad. This grant system is run by the National Agencies in all Lifelong Learning Programme countries.

The need for a network

The geographical and cultural span, the variety in the sector and the size of the programme make it difficult to administer and match offer and demand. The courses could be improved e.g. in terms of their quality, the link with Lifelong Learning and national policies, the appropriate use of ICT and recognition and validation of learning outcomes. Thematic gaps in course provision could be filled. Grant allocation procedures and communication between all stakeholders is also an area with room for improvement.

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