Tools and Documents

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In this section we have compiled a comprehensive list of tools and documents for you. It contains 8 competence areas for which we have collected, adapted and complemented tools, materials and recommended activities for the sake of supporting European course organisers and trainers in the development of their practice toward higher quality levels. The 8 competence areas include 40 competences that we have defined as crucial to organise a high quality European training course for adult education staff. We have based this definition on the results of a GINCO survey amongst Grundtvig in-service training course organisers, where participants also were asked to define their training needs, the priorities set by the Lifelong Learning Programme and the principles of the EU Commission study on "Key Competences for Adult Learning Professionals".

For some of the competences of course organisers/trainers we have created also exemplary reference systems. Reference systems serve as a basis for validation as explained in the competence area "Validation of Acquired Competences.



Educational development and planning

Quality care and evaluation

Validation of learning outcomes

Public relations & outreach

Attention to the European dimension

Appropriate use of ICT 

Providing Social and Personal Support

Management and Organisation

Adult education and learning

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