General Info

"Quality and ICT for Grundtvig courses" is the first international conference organized by the GINCO consortium focusing on quality of delivery of Grundtvig courses and on the appropriate use of ICT before, during and after courses. The conference targets actual Grundtvig in-service training course organizers, all adult education organization willing/planning to organize such courses and all stakeholders in the field: LLP National Agencies, adult education policy makers, programme developers etc.

Before registration please read 'practical information'.

All themes will be explored in keynotes and workshops, relevant material will be presented, expertise will be exchanged, good practice will be highlighted. The conference will also be the ideal space for networking and creating useful contacts.

This conference is registered in The Grundtvig course data base under the reference number: BE-2010-143-001

Participants can apply for a grant under the Grundtvig action: visits and exchanges (variable deadlines in different LLP member states, still open!)

Participation is for free, accommodation and all meals: 555 Euro.