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A Grundtvig course can be the result of a centralised Socrates or LLP project or set up by an individual organisation. If you are an eligible adult formal or non-formal education provider and you want a course you plan to be eligible for the participation of Grundtvig grant holders, there are some rules you have to answer to:

  • It should be a structured course for adult or school education staff with a strong European focus in terms of subject matter and profile of trainers and participants lasting at least 5 working days (travel time excluded).
  • Eligible training activities must concentrate on providing participants with practical teaching skills, techniques, methodologies or skills related to management of learning. 
  • The training must be delivered in one of the countries participating in the LLP Programme.
  • The training team should be multinational and have significant experience of more than one European education system. This requirement does not apply to courses with a significant language content aimed at language teachers.
  • You must make every effort to ensure that trainees come from at least three countries participating in the Lifelong Learning Programme. It is recommended that one nationality should constitute maximum 30% of all participants of the course.
  • You must provide the training in one (or more) of the 23 official European Union languages and give participants training and information materials in at least one of these languages. 
  • You must include a final evaluation session at the end of the training activities, so that participants can report their opinion on the quality of the training. You are also advised to organise interim evaluation sessions throughout the training event, if relevant.
  • You must certify attendance at the training activity by certificate or otherwise.
  • Course organisers will also have to sign a ‘declaration of compliance’ before the LLP National Agency can enter the course in the course data base.


  • The rules described here only apply to ‘structured Grundtvig courses’. There are other, less formal training opportunities eligible for Grundtvig mobility grants (see next page on this site)
  • If your course targets adult education staff AND school education staff and you want your participants to apply for a Grundtvig or a Comenius grant the course should be entered twice, first as a Grundtvig course and a second time as a Comenius course. This is only and option if your course is derived from centralised Socrates or LLP projects.
  • The rules described above are an (not binding) extract from the “Instructions for providers of Comenius and Grundtvig training events”. Full text available.
  • The course database is available on

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