Mobility Grants

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How to apply for a Grundtvig mobility grant?

Who is eligible for a Grundtvig grant?

Staff working in any sector of adult education, including:

  • teachers/trainers in adult education and the trainers of such teachers/trainers;
  • heads and managerial staff of organisations providing adult learning opportunities; 
  • staff involved in intercultural adult education, or working with migrant workers and travellers;
  • staff working with adults with special educational needs;
  • staff working with adults at risk, for example, mediators and street educators;
  • counsellors or career advisors;
  • the inspectorate;
  • other education staff at the discretion of national authorities.
  • former and unemployed teachers re-entering the profession after a period away from teaching

 For a pure language training grant:

  • an adult education teacher of non-language subjects through a foreign language;
  • a teacher re-training as an adult education foreign language teacher;
  • a member of staff participating in a Grundtvig Partnership and requesting training in a Partnership language;
  • a member of adult education staff requesting training in a less widely taught and less used language for teaching purposes.

How to apply?

  • Any candidate interested in a training event should contact the organiser to express his or her interest and check that places are still available before applying to his LLP National Agency for a Comenius or Grundtvig grant. Applicants for a Grundtvig grant may be required to enclose with their application a confirmation of provisional registration.
  • Application forms are available on the website of the LLP National Agency in your country. This form should be filled out properly and sent to the NA before the deadline.
  • If the candidate is then awarded a grant, s/he will contact the organiser to confirm this and to formally register for the training event. If the candidate has not been awarded a grant, it is his/her responsibility to cancel any pre-registration which may have been made.
  • The duration of the selection process differs per each country and it can last between 7 and 10 weeks. 
  • From the moment the candidate receives the grant and confirms his/her attendance at the training event, s/he has responsibilities towards the training provider. If s/he cancels her/his attendance, s/he will be responsible for paying any cancellation fee which the organiser may claim. 
  • If the training provider cancels the training at short notice, s/he may be asked by the candidate for compensation if s/he has already incurred costs.


  • Grundtvig mobility grants can also be obtained for participation in more informal training such as a placement, observation period, job shadowing, teaching visit or exchange (depending on the programme) in a relevant organisation involved in education.
  • Grundtvig mobility grants can also be obtained for participation in a European conference or seminar organised by a Comenius or Grundtvig Network or Multilateral Project or a National Agency or by a genuinely representative European association active in the field of adult education.  
  • The rules described above are an (not binding) extract from the “Instructions for providers of Comenius and Grundtvig training events”. Full text available.
  • The course database is available on

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